Permitting and Compliance

Our clients' first priority is compliance with the local, state, and federal environmental regulations that affect their business. Our own business is based on providing a comprehensive understanding of those regulations and how they impact our clients’ activities. Helping our clients receive permits and regulatory clearance for their projects is an important part of this process.

New Project Permitting

Walsh helps companies with permitting new projects under Federal, State, and local permitting regimes. We also conduct environmental and social impact assessments and associated documents for permitting projects internationally.   We frequently permit oil and gas projects, new mines and mine expansions, wind farm and solar energy projects, transmission lines, and other projects.  

Other Environmental Permits and Plans

We also prepare a variety of permits and plans, including: Stormwater management plans, Spill prevention control and countermeasure (SPCC) plans, Voluntary cleanup plans (VCUP), Discharge (NPDES) permits, Dewatering permits, Waste minimization plans, Section 401 and 404 permits, and Air emissions permits.



Domestic Project Examples

Midway Gold Pan Project Third Party EA, Ely, NY.  Walsh recently completed a third-party EA for the BLM Ely, Nevada Field Office for the Midway Gold Pan Exploration Project.  Of particular interest in this EA were cultural resources and active sage-grouse leks.  

Dubois Landfill Permit Renewal and Expansion, Dubois, WY.  Walsh and its subsidiary Lowham Walsh completed a comprehensive study of existing information, conducted site characterization activities, performed engineering analysis and design, and met regularly with WDEQ to successfully obtain approval of Landfill Expansion and Renewal Permit for the Dubois Landfill under a stringent timeline.

Lander Landfill Permit Renewall, Lander, WY.  Walsh and its subsidiary Lowham Walsh completed an exhaustive review of existing information and conducted engineering analysis and design to provide the Fremont County Disposal District with a Renewal Permit for the Lander Landfill in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations.

Permitting Strategy and Baseline Studies for Mine, NM.  For an American mining company, Walsh is developing a permitting strategy and conducting baseline studies for an industrial minerals mine in New Mexico. 

Wind and Solar Energy Permitting Projects.  Walsh has conducted many wind and solar energy permitting projects in the Western U.S.  More information is provided on the 'Renewable Energy' services page on this website.

The Cedar Creek Wind Project, Weld County, CO. Walsh conducted a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, wetland delineations, and ecological evaluations for the Cedar Creek Wind Project - a 75-mile transmission line and 32,000 acre wind farm in Weld County, Colorado. 

NEPA EA for Mineral Exploration, NV.  Walsh is conducting an Environmental Assessment under NEPA for a precious metal mineral exploration program on BLM land in Nevada.

NEPA EA for Hospital Move, CO.  For the Veterans Administration, Walsh developed an Environmental Assessment (EA) under NEPA for the relocation of the current VA hospital in Denver to the Fitzsimons Medical Campus.

Roan Plateau RMP/EIS for BLM, Western Colorado.  Walsh and E&E completed the revision to the time-sensitive Resource Management Plan  Amendment and associated EIS for the Roan Plateau Planning Area (73,602 acres) in Colorado.

EA for Construction of New Interchange, Avon, CO. For the Colorado Department of Transportation, Walsh (as subcontractor to Martin and Martin) conduced an EA under NEPA for construction of a new interchange and associated development on Interstate 70.

NEPA EA for Airport Runway Expansion, Eagle County, CO.  Walsh conducted an EA under NEPA for a proposed 1000' runway expansion and ILS installation at the Eagle County Airport, west of Vail, Colorado.

Permitting of the Lower Wilson Mining Area, Colowyo Coal Company L.P.  At a western Colorado coal mine, Walsh worked on an Erosion and Sediment Control Plan, a design of surface water control channel network and sediment pond and NPDES permitting.




International Project Examples

Environmental Baseline and Permitting, El Creston Mine, Mexico.  Walsh is conducting environmental and other permitting required for a new molybdenum mine located in the State of Sonora, Mexico.  The mine is to be an approximately two square kilometer open pit mine with a processing plant, waste rock dump, four-kilometer conveyor, and four square kilometer tailings impoundment.

ESIA for Gas Development, Oman.  For BG Group, Walsh developed an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment for a natural gas project in western Oman, assessing impacts from drilling of 208 production wells; construction and operation of a processing plant, camp, and associated facilities; and construction and operation of two 85km export pipelines.

EIA for Angostura Field Development of Offshore Block 2C, Trinidad and Tobago. Walsh conducted an EIA for BHP Billiton Petroleum (Americas) for the development of the Angostura Field in offshore Block 2(C).

ESIAs for Gas Exploration and Development, Yemen.  For an American oil company, Walsh conducted baseline studies and produced three Environmental and Social Impact Assessments for natural gas exploration and development in two lease blocks in central Yemen.

SIA for Gas Development, Oman.  Walsh conducted a Social Impact Assessment for a natural gas development project in northern Oman for Occidental.  Walsh conducted 30 interviews with more than 100 persons, and archeological surveys addressing development of four gas fields and construction of 100 km of pipelines. 

EIA for Six Exploratory Wells, Ecuador. Walsh prepared six EIAs for an American oil company proposing a major exploratory drilling project in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Offshore Environmental Assessment, Ireland. For an offshore seismic exploration program to be conducted off the southwest coast of Ireland, we evaluated potential impacts to marine life and commercial fisheries.

EIA for 2-D Seismic Program, Blocks 1,4,5, Albania. For an Austrian oil company, Walsh conducted an EIA of a lease blocks 1,4, and 5 in northern and southern Albania.

Environmental Oversight for Construction of Pipeline, Turkey. Walsh provided environmental oversight for construction of a crude oil pipeline extending from northeastern Turkey to the deepwater port of Ceyhan on the Mediterranean, and four pumping stations and one pigging station along 1,000 km route.

EIA for Camisea Pipeline, Peru. Transportadora de Gas del Peru S.A. (TGP), contracted Walsh to conduct an EIA for the construction of the Camisea 750 km gas pipeline in Peru.

EIA for Offshore Exploratory Wells, Gabon. For an American oil company, Walsh conducted an EIA for two exploration wells in the offshore waters of Gabon.

Permitting of Cruise Ship Visits to the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador. Walsh obtained the first environmental license from the government of Ecuador for cruise ship visits to the Galapagos Islands.