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Environmental Consulting in Colorado and throughout the Rocky Mountain Region

Environmental engineering and remediation… ecological investigations and surveys… NEPA compliance… site assessment… the list goes on. Walsh has been providing these and a host of other environmental services from our offices in Fort Collins, Lakewood, and Boulder since 1979. Recently, we expanded our reach to include Lander and Gillette, Wyoming, and Bismarck, North Dakota.

Walsh provides a wide range of environmental consulting services to public and private sector clients domestically and internationally. We are uniquely positioned to complete projects throughout the Rocky Mountain region – including Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, California, Utah, Montana, Arizona, Nevada, Iowa, Nebraska, and Kansas.

Our comprehensive list of services can be found here, and includes:

- Permitting for renewable energy, oil and gas, and mining projects
- Engineering
- Remediation
- Ecological investigations and surveys
- Permitting and compliance

- Remote sensing and satellite imagery
- Site assessment
- NEPA compliance
- Industrial health and safety
- Wildland fire management

Science and Engineering

The Walsh team is comprised of scientists and engineers specializing in disciplines ranging from environmental science, industrial hygiene, ecology, biology, geology, chemistry, landscape architecture and hydrology to environmental, civil, mechanical, electrical, and industrial engineering.

Our team has provided environmental consulting services to federal, state, and local agencies, and to oil and gas, mining, renewable energy, and a variety of other clients since 1979. 

                                          Representative Walsh project sites

International Experience

Internationally, we work with energy and mining companies on exploration, production, and power generation projects in remote locations around the world. We have particular expertise in the rainforest environments of South America and Southeast Asia, using advanced GIS and remote sensing technologies. We also conduct site remediation projects overseas, with expertise in bioremediation and remediation of chlorinated solvents.


The scientists and engineers of Walsh Environmental are committed to sustainable economic development and the protection, preservation, and restoration of the natural environment. We provide science, engineering, and expertise to help our clients minimize the environmental, human health, and ecological impacts of their projects, while complying with the laws that govern their work.


Walsh Environmental’s family of companies includes firms located internationally with expertise in environmental consulting. More information is available on their websites:

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